Easy to understand studies on The Doctrine of the Trinity

Following is a list of easy to read articles concerning the doctrine of the Trinity. I hope that you will find the content valuable in your search for truth.

A Challenge to Anti-Trinitarians in the Seventh-day Adventist Church
A Revealing Futile Joust by Semi-Arians
Arianism Defeated by the Firstborn
Dodgers of The Trinity Doctrine in History
Ellen G White and The Trinity Doctrine
Jesus as Monogenes
Some brief historical notes
The God of the Universe is Jesus
The Holy Spirit, He, It or What?
The Trinity Doctrine and the Early Church
Very Brief Study Notes

God has not provided a revelation of Himself and His programme for our redemption in the Bible for no good reason. As we get to know Him we learn to love Him and want to serve Him. There was a little prayer offered to the youth a few years ago. If my memory serves me well, it was a prayer about Jesus. It went something like this:

Dear Lord,
Help us to see you more clearly
That we might love you more dearly
And then follow you more nearly.

Christianity is not a hobby or a game. It is a life absorbing commitment to God. The Bible is God's love letter to us to guide us in so many ways. Personally, I have felt compelled to understand a matter before I could absorb it into my system of beliefs. I am sure God expects this of all of us.

We should not just follow others or accept a religion because we happen to have been born into it. My dad was a Roman Catholic and my mother a Methodist. I was sent off to Sunday School in the Methodist Church as a boy. When I was a married man of 28 years of age I decided to take life more seriously particularly because I felt the responsibility as a husband and father to be able to help my family to understand where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going. These surely are the great questions of life.

I made a mistake and became a Jehovah's Witness. Nevertheless, contrary to the Watch Tower teaching, I continued to study and was willing to learn from others than just from the Watch Tower leaders. Consequently, I had to leave them because of some of the false teachings that they embrace. I was then nothing for about two years. Following that period of intense study my wife and I became Seventh-day Adventists. We still adhere to that faith.

We are each responsible for the stand that we take. In the pages of this website I have provided the conclusions I have arrived at on some very important matters. I don't ask anyone to follow me, but I do recommend the various articles for your consideration and comparison with the word of God.